Neumann MA1

Automatic Monitor Alignment – with measurement microphone

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Neumann MA1 automatic monitor alignment package includes the calibrated measurement microphone and downloadable software.

It ensures the best possible sound quality in any room – from home studios to professional control rooms. Using the omnidirectional, individually calibrated, 4mm capsule condenser measurement microphone, your acoustic environment is analysed in a guided process. Advanced calibration algorithms, jointly developed with the world’s leading institute in audio processing, Fraunhofer IIS, guarantee an optimally adapted amplitude and phase correction for exact and reliable monitoring.

The Automatic Alignment is a dedicated tool for stereo sets of KH80DSP monitors with or without the KH750DSP subwoofer. Unlike conventional correction software, it is an integrated solution with novel algorithms, specifically for Neumann studio monitors. No plug-in or special audio driver is required: Alignment data is stored and processed within the DSP-powered monitors themselves.

How it works:

Acoustic data of the listening environment is gathered in a guided process. No special acoustic knowledge is required. Simply connect your Neumann monitors to the outputs of your audio interface or monitor controller. Additionally, your DSP-based KH-line monitors must also be connected to your computer’s Ethernet port. For multiple connections, a standard Ethernet switch will do.

Now plug the measurement microphone into your microphone input. This microphone was specifically developed for this software and is individually calibrated by it. The software will guide you through the measurement process.

From the measured data, the software ascertains the room’s acoustic properties. The individual correction parameters are generated according to a room-specific target curve calculated by the software. Neumann’s decades of experience in calibrating monitoring systems in studio control rooms has been incorporated into this process. Of course, you can modify the target curve to your needs.

Additionally, the alignment process ensures an optimal summation in the low frequencies when a subwoofer is used. All resulting correction parameters are stored and processed in the DSP-powered monitors.

MA1 features:

  • Calibration algorithms jointly developed with Fraunhofer IIS
  • For stereo setups with KH 80 DSP and all pairs of analogue (non DSP-based) Neumann monitors using the KH 750 DSP subwoofer
  • Individually calibrated measurement microphone
  • Room adaptive target curve
  • Phase and amplitude optimisation for analogue Neumann monitors
  • For Mac and PC

In the box:

  • MA 1 – Measurement Microphone
  • SG 105 – Stand Mount
  • Automatic monitor Alignment Software (free download, via Neumann website)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Safety Guide