Matrix-2 Analogue Summing Mixer

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SSL Matrix2 is an analogue summing mixer, analogue router and DAW controller -the ultimate hybrid studio centerpiece.

Since its launch, Matrix has redefined the workflow of serious project studios by combining analogue sonics with a DAW-centric workflow.

Matrix2 retains the SuperAnalogue™ sonics in its 16-channel, 40-input summing mixer and clever software-controlled analogue insert routing system (and surround capable monitoring) but adds significant new features that make working ‘hybrid’ even easier.

Devices and Chains from the Insert Matrix can be loaded directly from the console as well as the browser software. δelta-control, SSL’s unique analogue automation system, allows the console faders, Cuts, Cue and FX sends to be automated, edited and stored using standard automation features within the DAW session via δelta-control plug-ins. Fully equipped to partner your monitors, workstations and outboard gear, Matrix2 lets you shape your project studio around the way you work.

Matrix2 features:

  • δelta-control automates your console using plug-ins within your DAW. Cue, FX, Cut and analogue faders can be automated
  • 16 motorised fader, 40-input SuperAnalogue summing mixer
  • Switchable Input/DAW monitoring paths across all 16 channels for tracking
  • Dual stereo Mix buses with summing inserts and mix inject
  • Advanced multi-layer DAW control
  • Software controlled analogue insert routing system (up to 16 inserts)
  • Stereo Cue send, 4 mono Aux sends per channel & 4 stereo returns
  • Artist monitor output with independent EQ and monitor source selection
  • Stereo digital I/O (SPDIF and AES/EBU) with SSL grade converter
  • Programmable function keys for keyboard key strokes/macros
  • Fader linking for stereo stems
  • Load devices and chains into inserts directly from the console surface
  • Surround monitor section included for 2 complete stereo/surround systems
  • Scene preset for insert matrix – save and copy your insert settings to other projects