Beyerdynamic MC930

Cardioid condenser instrument microphone

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Beyerdynamic MC930 is a perfect choice for clear sound, high impulse fidelity and the acoustic neutrality of small-diaphragm microphone.

MC930 cardioid condenser microphone can be used for an array of purposes and is particularly ‘comfortable’ hanging around the high transients on a drum kit (overheads, or for a spot mic on hi hats).

Includes switchable pre-attenuation pad (-15 dB), taking the max SPL handling from 125dB up to 140dB. There is also a switchable low-cut filter at 250 Hz.

The MC 930 puts on quite a show in the studio, and aside from drum overhead duties, also goes very nicely with string instruments. The result is crystal clear, high-detail sound. This compact, frequency-independent microphone can be used literally anywhere.

Made in Germany

MC930 represents everything that the quality slogan “Made in Germany” stands for. High quality materials that are teamed with precise workmanship lead to the creation of a topflight condenser microphone.

MC930 features:

  • A flexible small-diaphragm microphone with a huge transmission range
  • Perfectly suitable for the studio
  • Exceptionally clear and detailed sound
  • Switchable pre-attenuation -15 dB
  • Switchable low-cut filter at 250 Hz
  • Made in Germany
Transducer Type Condenser
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Microphone Frequency Response 40 – 20,000 Hz
Connection Type XLR 3-pin

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