Neumann MCM 114 SET CELLO

Miniature Clip Microphone to mount on the strings of a cello, below the bridge

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Neumann MCM 114 SET CELLO is a complete set for using the Miniature Clip Mic (MCM) system to the strings of a cello, below the bridge.

The full kit includes KK 14 capsule, SH 150 gooseneck, KC 1 cable brace, AC 31 cable, MCM 100 output stage, WS 110 wind shield and MC 2 clip – all supplied in a handy soft case.

We’ll get to the ‘clip’ part in a moment, but the start of this kit is undoubtedly the KK14 cardioid capsule, providing a “new level of tonal balance, more body, especially in the bass and mid-range, and transparency in the treble”. KK14 overcomes limitations of the electret principles and catches the signature sound of a wide range of acoustic sources. The strict quality control also guarantees an unheard level of tonal consistency. Each capsule sounds exactly the same and delivers the neutral Neumann-style sound, saving time during setup and EQ tuning especially when running multiple microphones simultaneously.

MC2 clip for quick, secure and safe positioning on the strings of a cello below the bridge.

The gooseneck holder rotates and locks in 45° increments to allow you to adjust the orientation.
Weight: 12 g; Strings diameter: 0.6 mm – 2.3 mm

This MCM 114 SET CELLO package will connect to a mixer (requiring +48v phantom power), or you can easily remove the MCM100 XLR adapter, and plug the cable straight into a Sennhieser EW-D or EW100 / 500 G4 transmitter. If you need to use a different wireless system, other cables are additionally available, including AC32 (Lemo 3 pin), AC33 (MicroDot), and AC34 (mini 4-pin XLR).

In the package:

  • KK 14  – Cardioid capsule head
  • SH 150 – 15cm gooseneck
  • AC 31 – 1.8 m connection cable
  • WS 110 – foam windscreen
  • MCM 100 – XLR output stage
  • MC 2 – clip mount on strings of a cello below the bridge
  • Safety Guide
  • Quick Guide
  • Softcase
Acoustical operating principle Pressure gradient transducer
Directional Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Range 20 Hz … 20 kHz
Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 kohm 2.8 to 4.4 mV/Pa
Rated Impedance 50 Ohms
Rated load impedance 1000 Ohms
Equivalent noise level, CCIR 1 31 dB
Equivalent noise level, A-weighted 2 23 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio, CCIR (re. 94 dB SPL) 3 63 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio, A-weighted (re. 94 dB SPL) 4 23 dB
Operating temperature range 0 °C – +40 °C
Operating Humidity range 0 %…90 % rel. hum
Storage temperature range −20 °C – +70 °C
Storage Humidity range 0 %…95 % rel. hum