Sennheis ME3-II

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Cardioid Headset for Evolution Wireless

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ME3-II headset is the standard “replacement” headset for any Sennheiser Evolution wireless bodypack system.

The electret element, with its cardioid pickup pattern has been designed for high speech intelligibility, and also works well for stage singers. It differs slightly from the original ME3-EW headset, in that ME3-II is resistant to digital RF Interference.

Cable length is 1.6m, making it long enough to tuck in and around any interesting bits of stage costuming, without being long enough to get too tangled or ‘in the way’

If you are an existing Sennheiser wireless headworn microphone user, this item can be used as a spare. The 3.5mm plug ships including the locking ring to ensure it stays snugly fitted to your Sennheiser Evolution bodypack transmitter during the performance.

Max. SPL: 150 dB


  • High speech intelligibility
  • Suitable for singers and speakers
  • Feedback-rejecting cardioid pick-up pattern
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear