Sennheiser MEB114-SW

Tabletop Boundary Mic for Speech (white) with switch

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Sennheiser MEB114-SW is a compact tabletop boundary microphone for speech, with programmable button.

Part of the Speechline series by Sennheiser, MEB114-SW is perfect for table-top use in speech / conference applications.

Don’t be fooled by the impressive image, MEB114-S is super-compact, at 100 x 85 x 25mm (and weighs just 291g).

The half-cardioid polar pattern condenser capsule ensure ‘optimum speech intelligibility’, while the simple and stylish construction is rugged to provide years of hassle-free use.

To keep MEB114 unobtrusively small, an XLR connector is not suitable – so Sennheiser has made the TINY XLR decision.

Included in the package is an adapter cable: 3 pole TINY xlr female (REAN RT3FC-B) to Male XLR (Neutrik NC3MXX). The lightweight cable length is 9.8′ (just under 3m)

Avoid the rumbles by flipping MEB114-SW over before you start the conference. There’s a sneaky little low-cut filter (120 Hz) on the underside of the mic, which you can active if require, to help negate some of the table bump noises from heavy elbows.

Programmable Button Settings:

The four settings can be accessed from underneath the microphone (next to the low-cut option).

ON/OFF – When you press the microphone button, the microphone is: activated (ring lights up green) or muted (ring lights up red)

PTM – Push to Mute, this setting is the ‘cough switch’. MEB114-S will be default as activated, and the microphone button lights up green. Depress the mic button to mute the microphone for as long as the button is pressed (the light will illuminate red in this state)

PTT – Push to Talk, the microphone is muted in its default state, and the button will light up red. Depressing the button will change the light to green, and the mic will be activated for as long as you keep the mic button pressed

ON – The microphone is permanently activated, and offers security against accidental ‘bumping’ of the switch.

Other Models Available:

MEB114B (no switch, black finish)
MEB114W (no switch, white finish)
MEB114-SB (black finish, with switch)