Sennheiser MEB114B

Tabletop Boundary Mic for Speech (black)

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Sennheiser MEB114B is a compact tabletop boundary microphone for speech.

Part of the Speechline series by Sennheiser, MEB114B is perfect for table-top use in speech / conference applications.

Don’t be fooled by the impressive image, MEB114 is super-compact, at 100 x 85 x 25mm (and weighs just 291g).

The half-cardioid polar pattern condenser capsule ensure ‘optimum speech intelligibility’, while the simple and stylish construction is rugged to provide years of hassle-free use.

To keep MEB114 unobtrusively small, an XLR connector is not suitable – so Sennheiser has made the TINY XLR decision.

Included in the package is an adapter cable: 3 pole TINY xlr female (REAN RT3FC-B) to Male XLR (Neutrik NC3MXX). The lightweight cable length is 9.8′ (just under 3m)

Avoid the rumbles by flipping MEB114B over before you start the conference. There’s a sneaky little low-cut filter (120 Hz) on the underside of the mic, which you can active if require, to help negate some of the table bump noises from heavy elbows.

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