Triangular Microphone Flag – Black

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Mic flag for on-camera interview applications. Rycote’s version of the humble microphone flag has cranked it up a notch by, rather than using a foam insert to grip the shaft of your interview mic, deploying an array of hard-wearing red and black rubber ‘vanes’.

With a large area to apply your channel ID branding, this hard-wearing mic flag is lightweight and super tough.

Suits microphone diameter 19-38 mm
Weight: 87 g

Printable area: 3 sides of – 89.5 mm (w) x 48 mm (h)
Base colour: Black

Popular interview microphones include Sennheiser MD46 (cardioid for noisy environments) and MD42 (omnidirectional), Rode Reporter (omni), Electrovoice RE50/B (omni), or a host of wireless options including Sennheiser EW135P G4.

Application Hint: to suit the larger diameter wireless handheld reporting microphones (32-38mm), you will need to simply remove the lid of the mic flag and slide out the black vanes, creating a looser fit which allows the broader mics to slide onto the flag.

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