RME 8 Channel Mic Preamplifier Premium Converter with ADAT

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24-Bit/192kHz 8-Ch Mic Preamp & AD convertor.

If you have clicked here, than you are a person of exceptional taste and style. It does not get any better than the RME MICSTASY 8 Channel Deluxe Microphone Preamp Converter.

This really is like the 8 best Christmas’s you’ve ever had packed into the best gift box you could ever give to an extremly fussy audio geek. The Micstacy is a certainty to make even the most pickiest and critical recording engineer grin endlessly from ear to ear. Dynamics! Dynamics! Dynamics! Hot, deep, silky, smooth and transparent! Loads and loads of super clean “Gain” without any distortion.. Did I say Gain? 8 channels of total victory every time you turn Micstasy on. Ohh la la! A German made rack built at its absolute finest. Im surprised there was no fishnets packed around it in the box.. Settle down! Please keep your hands and your eyes off my Micstasy

Micstasy is an 8-Channel hi-end mic/line preamp and AD-converter combining typical RME features with a number of previously unseen features. It can be used analog (Mic/Line In to Line Out) and digital (Mic/Line In to Digital Out), with both signal paths operating simultaneously. Special highlight: the device is fully remote-controllable via MIDI (also MIDI over MADI).
The Micstasy’s innovative concept allows for amplification and digitization of ALL analog signal sources. Be it high-level stage signals, typical studio signals, lower level and high-impedance instruments, or dynamic, condenser or ribbon microphones: Micstasy understands them all – in a way that is simply thrilling.

The signals amplified by the Micstasy are available at the analog outputs for passing them on, making an expensive splitter box on stage obsolete. All functions can be remote controlled via MIDI and MIDI over MADI, allowing the device to be placed near the microphones, ensuring highest sound quality. Adding the optional MADI Card results in even more options. The I64 MADI Card provides serial pass-through capability from one Micstasy to the next (up to 8). All up to 64 audio signals are then available at the last device on one single line. Such a way of cascading is also possible between Micstasy and ADI-8 QS.


  • 8 balanced XLR mic/line inputs with 85 dB gain range
  • Analog input level from -56.5 dBu up to +30 dBu
  • High-end circuitry with 4 relays per channel, super low-noise microphone front-end
  • Near click-free gain changes in steps of 0.5 dB
  • Large frequency range (200 kHz) with special EMI input filtering
  • 8 balanced TRS line / instrument inputs with Hi-Z option
  • 8 balanced XLR line outputs, maximum level +27 dBu
  • 4 x AES/EBU Out via D-sub, 8 channels @ 192 kHz
  • 2 x ADAT Out, 8 channels @ 96 kHz (SMUX and SMUX4)
  • Optional MADI I/O (I64 MADI Card) with serial cascading and digital return path
  • Symmetrical hi-pass (Lo Cut) with super-low THD, 18 dB/oct
  • LED level meter with 13 LEDs per channel
  • M/S de-/encoding for the digital output
  • AutoSet: Automatic gain reduction with multiple linking
  • Current state can be stored to 8 user presets
  • Fully remote controllable