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Sound Devices MIXPRE-6

Audio Recorder, Mixer, USB Audio Interface

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6 input, 8-track audio recorder w/mixing and USB audio interface

Like all of the MixPre series, MixPre-6 is a lightweight, high-resolution audio recorder with integrated USB audio streaming that offers world-class sound quality combined with extreme durability. It’s perfect for musicians, sound designers, podcasters, videographers, YouTubers and field recordists.

MixPre-6 features Sound Devices' Kashmir™ microphone preamps. These high-performance, ultra-low-noise, discrete, Class-A mic preamps were hand-crafted by Sound Devices. The Kashmir mic preamps feature a -130dBV noise floor, analog limiters, and new 32-bit A-to-D converters to ensure the highest quality audio recordings that far surpass those of other recorders using simple off-the-shelf IC-based mic preamps.

The small stature and design of the MixPre-6 will fit any production environment. It features a responsive capacitive touch screen for incredibly simple and intuitive operation, and a bright, IPS technology, sunlight-readable colour LCD for the ultimate in convenient navigation.

As an added benefit to DSLR users, the MixPre-6 has a retractable ¼-20 mounting capacity making it a perfect pairing for a wide variety of cameras. This design allows for solid, low-profile tripod/camera mounting. Because the male and female ¼-20 threads are captive, they cannot be lost and are always available.

Photo of Sound Devices MIXPRE-6 available from Factory Sound
  • Mixpre-6
  • Mixpre-6-leftpanel
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In the box:

  • MixPre-6
  • MX-4AA Battery Sled (batteries not included)
  • USB Y-Cable (Two USB-A to One USB-C)