Sennheiser MMD935-1BK

Premium cardioid, dynamic mic capsule for use with compatible Sennheiser handheld transmitters

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Sennheiser MMD 935-1BK is a cardioid dynamic microphone capsule for use with compatible handheld transmitters, including EW-D Series.

There’s no hiding it. We are big fans of both this 935 cardioid, and the supercardioid version, MMD 945-1BK.

Make no mistake, these wonderful capsules are a significant step up from the “800” series capsules, and Sennheiser really hit a sweet spot with both this MMD935 and the MMD945.

They have a wonderful full sound, thanks to an extended top end frequency response. But if you just listen (and not look at the graphs), you’ll also hear a detailed all-important mid range, along with a huge dynamic range capability. Sensitive, sweet and oh-so present.

Designed for use with evolution wireless handheld transmitters, the cardioid MMD 935 microphone head features the excellent acoustic properties of the wired e935 vocal microphone.

For stage vocals, especially the all-important lead vocal, it’s a great capsule.

MMD 935-1BK is compatible with all handheld transmitters from the ew G3, ew G4, EW-D, AVX, SpeechLine Digital Wireless and 2000 series.

Not exactly the mic capsule you’re after?
Check the description tab for a bigger list of Sennheiser and Neumann microphone capsules that are suited to Sennheiser handheld wireless transmitters. As always, reach out if you’ve got questions – we’ve got this covered!

Sennheiser wireless compatible capsules for handheld transmitters include:

MMD 835-1BK (cardioid, dynamic)
MMD 845-1BK (supercardioid, dynamic)

MMD 935-1BK (cardioid, dynamic)
MMD 945-1BK (supercardioid, dynamic)

MM 435 (cardioid, dynamic)
MM 445 (supercardioid, dynamic)

MMK 965-1BK (cardioid/supercardioid, condenser)

Neumann capsules compatible with Sennheiser handheld transmitters include:

KK 204BK (cardioid, condenser)
KK 205BK (supercardioid, condenser)

Transducer principle: dynamic
Pick-up pattern: cardioid
Sensitivity: 2.5 mV/Pa
Max. SPL @ 1 kHz: 154 dB
Dynamic range: 139 dB(A)
Frequency response: 40 – 18,000 Hz
Colour: black
Weight: 119 g

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