MQ 60 Link White

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MQ 60 Link White

  •  AC MQ60HLINK accessories, available in black or White can be used to support 2 MQ 60H speakers to form an Omni directional high quality speaker array (360°) dispersion over a horizontal surface which is controlled over a vertical surface.
  •  MQ 60H Link is made in fi bre-glass loaded nylon and it is provided with the slide-insupports for the direct mounting of the two MQ 60H speaker systems.
  •  Central fixing ring for the safe suspension of the speaker assembly through a chain or a steel-wire.
General Specs 
Link MaterialFibreglass loaded nylone
CE MarkingYes
Weight0.51kg / 1.12lbs
Size           Height40mm / 1.57inches
                   Width350mm / 13.78 inches
                   Depth220mm / 8.66 inches
                   Weight.71kg / 1.57lbs