Alpine MuffyBaby-BLUE

Hearing protection for babies and toddlers (blue headband)

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Alpine MuffyBaby ear protector prevents damage for babies and toddlers during parties, outings, festivals, fairs, fireworks and car races.

The soft, elastic headband can be adjusted simply to the correct size. This is because the band is fitted with a convenient hook and loop closure. The two individual ear caps can be slid easily onto the headband. Then you lock them in place in the right position.

MuffyBaby is the only hearing protection for babies and toddlers which has a CE-marking. This means that the ear protector complies with all European Union legal requirements in the areas of safety, health and environment.

Also available in pink and white striped headband.
All versions are supplied as standard with an additional grey-white headband.

The white ear caps are lined on the inside with very soft foam. In each pack, there is a matching white Protect&Go bag. Handy for hygienic storage and carrying of the Alpine Muffy Baby.

MuffyBaby features:

  • Protects babies and toddlers against harmful noise and loud music
  • Recommended for babies and small children up to 36 months
  • Prevents overstimulation from noise and assists with undisturbed sleeping on the move
  • Simple to adjust and always fits
  • Very comfortable thanks to the elastic headband
  • Creates no pressure on the head
  • The only safe CE-marked baby ear protector in Europe
  • Available in three colours
  • Supplied with two head bands as standard
  • Headband can be easily detached for washing
  • Does not contain any metal parts (and can therefore also be used during MRI-scans)
  • With handy Protect&Go storage bag

Attenuation Data Muffy Baby

Frequency Hz 63 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Mean Attenuation dB  12.9  8.8  15.0  22.0  29.4  26.5  35.6  36.5
 Standard Deviation dB  4.4  2.4  4.2  3.2  4.0  4.7  4.0  7.2
 Assumed Protection in dB (APV)  8.5  6.4  10.8  18.8  25.4  21.8  31.6  29.3

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