Bluetooth adapter cable for MX PRO series buds

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MEE Professional MX-BLUETOOTH wireless adapter cable is compatible with MX PRO series (MX1 PRO, MX2 PRO, MX3 PRO, MX4 PRO).

It works as you’d expect, with a few features that let you take your stage monitors out for a walk after soundcheck, before the show:

The volume control and track skip button is multifunction
Hold volume+ and track skip for 2 seconds to enter ‘sound enhancement’ mode.

  • Natural (no audio enhancement)
  • Bass boost (enhances bass response and depth to create more impact and immersion)
  • Vocal boost (boosts speech and vocals for more clarity and intelligibility)

Long battery life

Built-in rechargeable batteries and ultra-efficient Bluetooth 5.0 technology provide up to 9 hours of talk and up to 8.5 hours of music playback time. A Micro-USB charging cable is included.

Built-in microphone allows you to take phone calls and control media playback with integrated microphone and remote.

Note – MX PRO series earphones are not included. This is an optional accessory cable.

MX-Bluetooth works for the following MEE Professional in-ear monitors:

MX1PRO – Single-driver Modular In-Ear Monitors

MX2PRO – Hybrid Dual-Driver Modular In-Ear Monitors

MX3PRO – Hybrid Triple-Driver Modular In-Ear Monitors

MX4PRO – Hybrid Quad-Driver Modular In-Ear Monitors

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