Behringer MX400

MICROMIX Ultra Low-Noise 4-Channel Line Mixer Compact

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Behringer MICROMIX MX400 is a low-noise, compact 4-channel line mixer.

Despite its ultra-compact size, MICROMIX MX400 4-channel line mixer is really big on features!

Providing sonic quality at all output levels, the MX400 features ultra low-noise operational amplifiers for outstanding audio performance – the same chips as the ones found in its much bigger brethren.

Expanding on the capabilities of standard-size mixers is where the MX400 works its magic, for instance when it is used as a sub-mixer. If you are running short on available channels on your “big” mixer and need to add 3 more keyboards to your mix, just connect them to the MX400, dial-in the mix – and connect MX400’s output to a single input on your main mixer. This is just one example of how the MX400 can add versatility to your current setup.

The ideal solution for mixing multiple line-level signals on a budget.

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MX400 features:

  • Ultra-compact 4-channel line mixer
  • Highest sonic quality even at maximum output level
  • Input Level control for each channel
  • Power adapter included