Neutrik NAUSB-W

USB 2.0 Feed-through Panel Mount (D-size)

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Whether it’s for your studio patching, or for your live sound rig, it’s no question that data signals such as USB are an important consideration thesedays.

NAUSB-W is a reversible USB 2.0 gender changer (type A and B), in the unified D-series housing.

Flick it around to suit your feed-through needs, and your data patching has never been more simple.


  • Ideal for audio networking and integration of computerbased equipment into audio systems
  • Dust and water resistant acc. to IP65 safety standard in combination with NKUSB
  • USB 2.0 gender changer type A-B (B-A)
  • Reversible insert offering type A or B on front or rear end
  • Universally accepted standard D-shape housing
  • Removable screen to chassis grounding