IGS Audio NE573

Classic transformer preamp, pure class-A design (500 series)

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IGS Audio NE573 is a 500 series mic preamp, that really let’s you bring back the punch. It includes switchable impedance and buffered instrument input.

It’s not just the big red knob.

Matching components, old architecture, original Motorola transistor, same great sound!

Now available for your 500 series rack, the utterly classic sound responsible for some of the best ever recordings is available for us mere mortals.

Forget about how nice this 500 series preamp module looks, the true beauty of NE73 is in the circuit. It operates using 24 volts, with IGS Custom transformers on inputs and outputs, Grayhill switches, and Motorola transistor on the output stage.

Yeah, you’re thinking of grabbing eight or more of these to mic up drums. So are we.


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