Neutrik NP3TT-P-B

Bantam Plug – Crimp Type (BLACK)

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If you’ve invested a bit of time, effort and money while setting up your Bantam patchbay for the studio, don’t undo all your good work by choosing inferior patch cables.

Make your own (or get us to do it for you), using Neutrik NP3TT-P-B connectors.

Like all Neutrik products, the fit and finish is exact to your required standards.

4.4 mm (0.173″) tiny telefone plug bantam type, solder termination for T+R, hex crimp of S with a Black plastic housing, Nickel contacts.

Ideal use with TT patch panels.


  • Designed for pro audio applications
  • Robust egonomic design – long-lasting and depenable
  • Standard HEX crimp cable clamp for shield termination and cable retention
  • Colored sleeves available for coding and marking