Austrian Audio OC18

Cardioid Studio Condenser Mic

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Austrian Audio OC18 cardioid studio condenser is perfect for vocals and a variety of instruments.

OC18 uses the same CKR12 capsule as found in the multipattern OC818 (but being cardioid, it’s just the single diaphragm). The handcrafted CKR12 capsule has years of experience crammed in to its design and construction. Manufactured to strict tolerances in Vienna, each microphone has been meticulously prepared for stunning results in your session.

The sound

As a ‘cardioid-only’ version of the fabulous OC818, the stealth-black OC18 offers a great option for vocals, instruments or stereo room. The sound is full, but open. Rich, without being ‘toppy’. Make sense? It’s probably easier to just come in and have a listen for yourself.

What we wrote about the OC818 still holds true for this OC18:

“The engineers at Austrian Audio have mixed large lashings of truth, with a swirl of taste, to create a classic microphone that will be comfortable as your go-to vocal microphone, and equally happy for orchestral applications”

Made in Vienna, and soon to be admired around the world.

In the box:

  • O18 cardioid condenser mic
  • OCH8 standard mic stand adapter
  • OCS8 spider-style suspension mount
  • OCW8 foam windsock
  • gooseneck pop filter
  • hard case for transport and storage

OC18 features:

  • As per the OC818 but classic cardioid
  • same handmade CKR12 ceramic capsule but single diaphragm
  • no microprocessor (factory calibrated bias voltage)
  • no microprocessor means no wireless control and no Preset Mode
  • it’s a classic “Made in Vienna” mic, of course, but stripped down to the essentials
  • every Austrian Audio OC18 and OC818 is within 1dB of each other so any two microphones is a stereo pair!
  • add an OC18 to an OC818 for a spaced pair at any time!

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