Austrian Audio OC818

Multipattern Condenser Microphone

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Austrian Audio OC818 is a multipattern studio microphone with a few extra tricks under the hood.

The handcrafted CKR12 capsule has years of experience crammed in to its design and construction. Manufactured to strict tolerances in Vienna, each microphone has been meticulously prepared for stunning results in your session.

Aside from being a multipattern large diaphragm condenser, with a few high pass filters and pad settings, the first thing you’ll notice is the sound. The engineers at Austrian Audio have mixed large lashings of truth, with a swirl of taste, to create a classic microphone that will be comfortable as your go-to vocal microphone, and equally happy for orchestral applications.

And then there’s the dual output…

If you flip around to the back of the microphone, there’s a mini-XLR connector. Use the included adapter cable in here, and you’ve got a second output. Once you combine this with the open-source POLARDESIGNER plug-in, and you can really start to play with your mix. Nose-to-nose Fig-8 recorded vocals can become left/right hard panned, or anywhere inbetween. POLARDESIGNER allows you to craft different polar pattern responses across 1-5 crossover bands. As soon as you use it, you’ll ‘get it’.

Or use the bluetooth OCR8 remote

If you’re not utilising the dual output during your session, there is the optional OCR8 remote, giving you full access to polar patterns and switches, available from via your Android or iOS device, from the comfort of your control room.

In the box:

  • O818 multipattern condenser mic
  • OCH8 standard mic stand adapter
  • OCS8 spider-style suspension mount
  • OCW8 foam windsock
  • mini XLR cable (for dual output)
  • hard case for transport and storage

OC818 features:

  • multiple polar patterns
  • microprocessor control of polarisation voltages
  • 2 different analog high-pass filters with 3 settings
  • 2 different types of analog pads
  • dual outputs for recording each diaphragm separately
  • debuts Austrian Audio’s Open Acoustics Technology
  • handmade in Vienna (again!)

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