Austrian Audio OCR8

Bluetooth Adaptor for OC818

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Austrian Audio OCR8 is a Bluetooth Adaptor for OC818.

Stick this little OCR8 into the back of your OC818, and allows you full control of polar patterns.

When we say full control… it’s actually pretty powerful, giving you full access to any degree of cardioid to supercardioid – shape it any way you’d like, along with fig-8 and omni, of course.

OCR8 also allows control of your PAD and HPF switches via remote, and even keeps a 60 second OC818 clipping monitor/log.

No battery required (Phantom Power driven over the OC818)

The free Austrian Audio App with PolarPilot can be found in the Apple App Store ™ and on Google Play ™.

Enables selection and storage of your custom settings to the microphone.

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