Onyx Blackbird: 16 x 16 Firewire Interface

Our Price: $879.00

Onyx BlackBird by Mackie is a great little (1 RU) firewire recording interface, ready to grab some nice sounds for your session, with a minimum of fuss.

It comes with 8 x ONYX mic preamps as standard, and two (2) of these are accessible as 'super-channels' via the front panel. The super channel functionality is better explained by Mackie's own OTT product specialist monkeys typing product descriptions:

"First off, both channels utilise combo inputs, allowing you to easily swap between mic, guitar, keys, drum machines or whatever comes up during the session. Dedicated 48V phantom power is perfect for any studio-quality condenser microphone. And because these inputs feature true analog hardware monitoring, in either mono or stereo, you can route the signals directly to your studio monitors or headphone, bypassing the need for a matrix mixer, so you and your artists can get right to work. Zero-latency overdubs have never been easier to setup or control."

Of course, to get the true 16 x 16 benefits of this interface, you'll need to hook into the ADAT port - OR you can use the ADAT output, along with the 8 mic preamps to help bolt this onto your exisiting DAW interface. A winner both ways!

Photo of Mackie ONYXBLKBIRD available from Factory Sound
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  • 16x16 24-bit/96kHz recording via FireWire/ADAT to Mac/PC
  • 8 Onyx mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • 2 easy-access Super Channels with integrated DIs, low cut switches and inserts
  • Expandability via ADAT and word clock I/O
  • Dual headphone outs with independent level controls
  • Separate monitor, main and alt outputs
  • Powerful Blackbird Control DSP Matrix Mixer
  • Includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software