Onyx BlackJack: 2 x 2 USB Interface

Our Price: $279.00

Like any Mackie product, there are a heap of features squeezed into this Onyx BlackJack to make your studio sessions run simply and smoothly.

Mackie has put a bit of work into making sure the in-built microphone preamps are full of grunt, but they're also clean as a whistle. 

"Onyx pres are designed to meet or surpass expensive, esoteric standalone mic pres in terms of fidelity, headroom and transparency – as well as improved radio frequency (RFI) rejection and ultra-wide dynamic range. And with a full 60dB of available gain, would-be competitors are left in the dust"

As we know, Mackie were never the shrinking violet when it comes to spruiking their own awesomeness...

It's been designed to nicely sit ontop of your desk and work as the control centre for your small studio, with control for headphones, output for studio monitors - AND it even comes with some software, perfect if you're dipping your toe into the waters of recording.


Photo of Mackie ONYXBLKJACK available from Factory Sound
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  • Onyx-blackjack-top
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  • 2x2 24-bit recording to Mac/PC
  • 2 Onyx mic preamps
  • 48V phantom power for studio condenser mics
  • 2 built-in DIs
  • True analog hardware monitoring in mono/stereo
  • Separate level control for monitors/phones
  • Includes Tracktion 3 Music Production Software