Behringer P16M

PowerPlay Personal Headphone Monitor Mixer

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This is the POWERPLAY P16-M Personal Headphone Monitor Mixer.

The easy and affordable way to give live or recording musicians/vocalists what they really want – “More Me!”.

The P16-M Personal Mixer lets each performer take control of his/her own monitor mix, whether on the stage or in the studio, allowing the engineer to concentrate on creating the best mix possible. Fast and easy to set up.

Hooks up via Ethernet to The Behringer X-Series Digital Consoles or the P16-I (16-Channel 19” Input Module with Analog and ADAT* Optical Inputs) or the P16-D (16-Channel Digital ULTRANET Distributor), for much more complex routing and cascading of multiple units. Did I hear “Big Band”. Just make sure you spread out at your local governments acceptable social distance margins.. Please do remember to take your mask off when playing brass instruments or singing. Unless your going for the muzzled mute effect of course. **And yes we do sell beautiful Lufkin ‘Tape Measures’ here at Factory Sound. Please call us if youd like one of those too! Tempo and bars are not all the measures musicians now have to deal with! Be safe and B#. 

You’d be surprise which studios you see this system show up at. Top Quality Product for fror very fair asking price.