IGS Audio Panzer 500

10-slot 500 series power supply (up to 420 mA per slot)

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IGS Audio Panzer 500 is a 10-slot enclosure for 500-series modules, with enough grunt to run the hungriest of preamps and compressors

It will allow you to configure your favourite set of tools for studio or field recording, as well as small home recording setup. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to fill it up with your favourite microphone preamps, EQs or compressors.

Panzer 500 will deliver an efficient power source for your gear, protection and comfort of using either modern or vintage modules!

Extended possibilities.

The Panzer 500 comes with an external power supply unit (PSU). This minimises the power supply noise leaking into the signal path of your studio gear, while allowing a bigger power transformer to exceed the standard API 500-series specification in terms of the output current. The Panzer 500 will provide up to 420 mA per slot, so it can be used even with the most “hungry” tube units, like ONE LA 500 and Tubecore 500 compressors.

Not the piece of gear you’re looking for?

For more hand-made IGS Audio recording channels and signal processing, check our IGS Audio brand page here

Basic features
Overload and shortcut protection Yes, global and for individual slot
Stereo Link Yes (via PCB jumper)
Current 420mA per slot (200mA @ +16V, 200mA @ -16V, 20mA @ +48V)
Number of slots 10
Input & Output
Phantom Power Yes
Front Panel
Voltage presence indicators Yes, 3 x LED
Voltage 115/230V, 60/50Hz
Power consumption 160W max under heavy load
Power supply external, linear

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