Art PB4x4PRO

Power Conditioner Rack with Advanced Power Filtering

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This is the ART – PB4x4Pro “PRO SERIES” Power Distribution System.

Also known as a Power Conditioner, the 4×4 PRO SERIES Power Distribution System features APF™ Advanced Power Filtering, a Rear BNC for a lamp and is housed in a durable & solid rack mount chassis.

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Key Features:

  • APF Advanced Power Filtering
  • Surge & Spike Protection
  • 8 Rear Outlets with Power Adapter Friendly Positioning
  • Power Capacity of 1800 Watts
  • EMI & RFI Filtering
  • One Front-mounted Unswitched Power Outlet
  • Rear Mounted Gooseneck Light Source



  • Power Capacity: 1800 Watts
  • Circuit Breaker: 15 Amp
  • Power Outlets: Eight Rear Outlets
  • Power Switch: Front Location – On/Off
  • Power Switch Illumination: Yes – In “On” Position
  • Circuit Breaker: Front Location Filtering: EMI, RFI, Common Mode PassiveDifferential Mode in Series
  • Protection Circuit: Surge & Spike Protection
  • Construction: All-Steel Chassis
  • Light Pipes: (SP, PS only) 2 Front Pull-Out, Shock Mounted Metering: (SP, PS only) Input Voltage
  • Metering: (PS only) Current Voltage