Rode PG2R

Pistol Grip & Shock Mount for Shotgun Microphones

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Rycote Lyre suspension mount for shotgun microphones with integrated pistol grip.

PG2R is an all-in-one pistol grip and shockmount for the sound recordist packing a roving shotgun.

The data sheet specifies use with Rode NTG Series Microphones, but in reality, if you’ve already got a shotgun mic, this will more-than-likely suit.

This version is equipped with dual Rycote® Lyre® mounts to ensure maximum isolation from any handling vibrations, four possible mounting points to suit the complete range of compatible RØDE shotgun microphones, and integrated cable management clip.

The lightweight handle has a cushioned grip with multiple cable mounting points, plus a dedicated space for the PG2R Pro Cable XLR connector to terminate flush with the base for ease of connectivity.

A heavy duty locking nut on the side of the handle ensures smooth adjustment of your microphone angle, whilst a 3/8” thread at the base of the handle provides secure connection to boompoles and microphone stands.

PG2R weight: 224g