Factory Sound Hardware PL-XLR1DA

Wall Plate for 1 x ‘D’ Connector (Aluminium)

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Panel – Wall Plate, 1 x D-sized hole, Brushed Aluminum finish, ‘Powerpoint’ Style

PL-XLR1DA wall plate (115 x 72mm) is designed to mount directly onto standard GPO sized mounting block (HPO, Clipsal, etc).

Use it in the studio, for commercial installation applications, or just about anywhere else you can think of.

Of course, with so many ‘unified D-series’ connectors available from Neutrik, you can configure these plates however you’d like.

And now the big decision…front or rear mount for the connectors?

As always, it’s totally up to you – and may depend on the thickness of your chassis mount connector (Speakon and Powercon connectors are quite chunky).

For most cases, we quite like the rear mount, allowing for a flush finish on the front of your plate. If you don’t already have a drawer full of countersunk M3 sized bolts and nyloc nuts, grab a pack here: BOLTPAC

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