Bosch PLE-1P120

Plena Amplifier, 120w

Order Code: PLE-1P120
Our Price: $395.00

Plug-and-play cost effective power amplifiers that deliver 120 Watts to constant voltage or 8 ohm loads. Built with premium quality and protections, it offers functionality at a budget price. The amplifiers offer straight 1 V and 100 V line in, and 70 V, 100 V and 8 ohms out.

- 120 W power amplifier in a compact housing
- 1 V line level balanced input
- 70 V, 100 V and 8 ohm outputs
- 100 V input for slave operation on 100 V speaker line

Extend the power of the PLE- series mixer amplifiers or be combined with the PLE-10M2 mixer, or work anywhere where more power on an existing 100 V line is needed or when a line level signal is provided.

The amplifier is protected against overload and short circuits. A limiter protects the amplifier and loudspeaker against accidental overdriving. A temperature-controlled fan ensures proper cooling without producing acoustic noise at lower output levels.

The unit operates both on mains power and on a 24 V battery power supply for emergency back up, with automatic switchover. The amplifier also has a built-in charger to charge the connected battery. The system has a balanced input and loop-through facility. This makes it easy to connect multiple amplifiers. The secondary input is a 100 V line input to connect the amplifier to a 100 V loudspeaker line to provide more power in remote locations.

Gain or level control is located on the rear of the unit to avoid accidental setting change. A meter with LED bar on front panel shows the output level.

Photo of Bosch PLE-1P120 available from Factory Sound