Bosch PLE-WP3S2Z

Plena Wall Panel

Order Code: PLE-WP3S2Z
RRP: $143.00

Plena PLE-WP3S2Z Wall Panel is used to remotely select a music source and activate or deactivate zones of a Plena PLE audio mixer or mixer amplifier. Two zones and three music input sources can be controlled from a remote location by selecting the individual switches. The ON status of each zone and selected music source is indicated by an LED.

With the use of CAT-5 cable and RJ-45 connector, PLE-WP3S2Z Wall Panel can be easily and quickly connected to the PLE series mixer or mixer amplifier. Settings are not required. Maximum four PLE-WP3S2Z Wall Panels can be daisy-chained to remotely control a PLE series mixer or mixer amplifier.

Photo of Bosch PLE-WP3S2Z available from Factory Sound

Key Features:

  • Can be used for all Plena Easyline (PLE) mixer-amplifiers
  • Remote selection of three music source inputs
  • Remote zone selection
  • Perfect companion to Bosch volume controls
  • Daisy-chain of multiple wall panels