Dynacord PM600

PowerMate 600-3 Powered Mixer

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When it comes to powered mixers, nothing else comes close to Dynacord PowerMate3 series.

With 2 x 1000w into 4Ω, it offers the kind of power you'd normally find in a stand-alone amplifier, all wrapped up in an elegant and well-featured mixing console.

PM600-3: 4 + 4 channels

The channel count on PM600-3 is super-flexible - it really depends on how you need to plug things in.

A total of 8 channel strips are available: 4 MIC / LINE channels, 2 MIC / Stereo USB channels ('Super Channels') and 2 stereo LINE channels.

Master Section: you get Master A L+R sends (on separate faders), an additional Master B send (switchable pre/post and mono/stereo), the stereo effects returns, and the send signals of the AUXiliary and MONitor busses. If the AUX buss is not used to supply FX 2, it can be switched pre or post and thereby used as an additional monitor send or to supply an external effects device.

Two ten-LED meters provide an overview of the power amplifier level. When the PFL switch is activated, the left-hand LED chain shows the internal level of the master buss in dBu.

The 9-band stereo equaliser in the master section allows you to adjust the frequency response to the acoustics of the room.

Weight: 9.0 kg

Photo of Dynacord PM600 available from Factory Sound
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PowerMate: More Power – More Effects – More Extras

PM600-3 PowerMate is equipped with an extremely powerful, stereo power amplifier that uses modern and highly efficient class-D technology for audio performance of the highest quality.

What this means is that at a nominal output of 2 x 1,000 watts RMS into 4 ohms (or 2 x 1,350 watts RMS into 2.7 ohms). The minimal load impedance at the output is 2.7 ohms, making operation with up to three 8-ohm loudspeaker cabinets per channel, connected in parallel, possible with no problems.

Speaker Protection allows you to match perfectly the continuous power output of the PowerMate’s power amplifiers to the connected loudspeakers.

Through dynamic limiting of the maximum power at the output, loudspeaker damage due to thermal overload can be avoided, without the wide dynamic range of the power amplifiers being sacrificed. For this purpose, the maximum permissible nominal power handling of the connected loudspeaker cabinet can be selected from the menu.

PowerMate is equipped with two very high-quality, 24-bit stereo effects processors, FX 1 and FX 2; these function independently and can therefore be mixed. The two effects units are fully identical in design. Each effects section offers 100 presets including high-quality reverb, delay and modulation effects selected by means of the display. When a delay effect is active, the delay time can be synchronized to the beat of the music using the TAP key. The further possibility exists of modifying individual parameters of the presets and storing the results in the 20 user memories provided.