Personal In-ear-monitoring solution

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One of the neatest little devices we’ve seen in a while, allowing the stage performer to take full control of their own in-ear / headphone monitior mix, without putting a hole in the piggy bank the size of the gaping ozone layer damage.

POSSE allows you to plug your microphone and instrument in, plus a pair of headphones, plus a stereo aux send (blend of the band from the monitor / FOH mix). Plus there’s a handy built in tuner, and the killer – a pair of condenser microphones to help capture the vibe of the room. Mic, Instrument, Aux, Room are all controllable with a stand-mounted remote, while the front-of-house console will happily accept the transparent and separate outputs of the mic and instrument. Get on the POSSE!

At-a-glance feature/benefits:
– Control your own monitor mix
– For playing live, or recording
– Substantially reduce soundcheck time
– Built-in ambient mics, for a natural audio experience
– Eliminates the need for floor monitors
– All individual controls are transparent to the house system
– Under 5 minutes to set up, easy to carry
– Designed by musicians for musicians
– Made in the USA