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Compact Microphone Preamp

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Need to get phantom power to a lectern microphone? The compact Pre Me is just the thing.

Powered via a 12V DC supply (included), the Pre Me takes whatever you give it, and turns your output into a balanced XLR line-level signal with controllable output volume.

Via the XLR input, you can feed it either line level or mic level, and you have selectable phantom power for use with condenser microphones, such as lectern microphones or hanging choir microphones.

As an added bonus, you also get a pair of RCA inputs which, when used, turn the Pre Me into a stereo > mono summing mixer, with controllable output volume.

There is also a High Pass Filter switch, along with dual colour ‘signal present’ LED to help with any trouble shooting. Definitely a handy contractor tool to make sure you’ve got in the gadget box at all times.


  • Microphone/Line Pre amp
  • On board Phantom power