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Pro Tools – Institutional (Card)

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Pro Tools with Annual Upgrade and Support Plan – Institutional (Card)

Pro Tools is the standard for just about anything in the studio, other than making a cup of tea.

It’s the DAW young engineers often get to cut their teeth on, and for good reason too. You’ll find a version of Pro Tools in some form, in just about any commercial studio around the world.

Some features you may already know about:

Polish mixes with over 75 included effects, sound-processing and utility plug-ins. From high-quality reverbs, EQs, and compressors, to guitar amp emulators, surround sound fold-down, and channel strip dynamics, you have everything you need to create professional mixes.

Get great sounding, phase-accurate mixes with Automatic Delay Compensation – with 4x the samples (16,383) to handle the largest mixes – no matter how many plug-ins you use. Plus, you can automate the settings of every element in the Pro Tools environment to add life to tracks and achieve the best mix possible.

Freely experiment without the time or effort investment. With Elastic Time, you can change the tempo or timing of any clip or an entire composition, on the fly. With Elastic Pitch, you can fix wrong notes, create harmonies, and transpose clips, in real time, without altering the tempo.

Pro Tools is available for students, education institutions, and for independent users.

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