Duracell PROCELL AA-4

Sleeve of 4 Procell AA Batteries

Order Code: PROCELL-AA-4
RRP: $7.80

Sleeve with 4 x Procell AA Batteries

For wireless microphones, and really anything that requires serious staying power from 1.5v AA battery, let ProCell be your first choice.

Broadcasters, Stage Managers and Theatres all around the world depend on the battery that gives them maximum output for as long (and consistently) as possible.

Grab as many sleeves as you need. They work out cheaper than your local supermarket. Also get some for your kid's toys, remote controls and other gadgets...

Photo of Duracell PROCELL AA-4 available from Factory Sound

Save even more when you purchase Procell in bulk:

Procell AA (single battery)
Procell AA-4
(4 batteries per sleeve)
Procell AA Carton (260 batteries per carton)

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