Nexo PS15R

PS15-R2, High-powered 15″ + 2″ (right orientation)

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Flagship model from the high performance PS-R2 series, this 15” + 2” version is available in either Right (PS15R) or the alternative Left (PS15L) orientation for horn placement when in stage monitor (floor wedge) position.

A high power system capable of producing 136dB Peak SPL, PS15-R2 speakers can be safely driven with up to 2000 Watts of amplifier power.

Controlled by dedicated PS 15 TDController-R2, or the NXAMP Powered Controller, PS15-R2 achieves high SPLs and wide bandwidth performance, despite being only half the weight and volume of common trapezoidal loudspeaker systems.

Along with the flexible coverage patterns enabled by NEXO’s proprietary constant directivity asymmetrical dispersion horn, the architecture and weight balance of the PS15-R2 are designed to provide both uncompromised PA and stage monitor performance from a single speaker.

The 2-way passive 8Ω design uses a single amplifier channel to deliver bi-amped performance, reducing system cost, size and complexity, while the new cabinet design incorporates a pole mount and a new hardware adapter compatible with a vast array of touring and fixed installation accessories.

PS15-R2 R features:

  • High-power system (136dB Peak SPL @ 1m) with 15″ LF and 2″ HF drivers.
  • Rotatable asymmetrical horn and unique cabinet architecture ensure versatility; user-adaptable for both PA and stage monitoring applications.
  • Two-way, switchable passive or active design for precise performance-matching to user requirements.
  • Sophisticated control electronics ensure reliable, linear operation.
  • Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories.

In conventional Front Of House configuration, a PS R2 Series loudspeaker yields 50° horizontal coverage at 25° above the centre line. Rotating the horn expands this to 100° at 50° below the centre line, such that coverage narrows.

In stage monitor mode, a PS R2 Series loudspeaker yields 100° horizontal coverage at 30° above the centre line, narrowing to 50° horizontal coverage at 25° below the centre line for use when the performers are further away.