Jackson PT8888

8 Outlet Powerboard with heavy duty metal housing

Order Code: PT8888
Our Price: $55.00

We got all excited thinking this was a heavy metal powerboard.

It's actually an 8 outlet powerboard with heavy duty metal housing. The added bonus is its bright orange colour for added safety.

You can use this just about anywhere - particularly in a commercial environment, where normal boards may be easily damaged.

PT8888 is surge and overload protected with indicator lights. RFI protection as well as handy wall mounting slots built into the casing.

Spaced power socket to house bulky transformers and power packs.

Need a rackmounted powerboard?
Check out RAC0600 (6 outlet, 1RU) or RAC1200 (12 outlet, 2RU)

Photo of Jackson PT8888 available from Factory Sound
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  • 8 outlets
  • Metal casing
  • Surge & overload protected
  • 2 spaced sockets
Supply rating: 240VAC ~ 50Hz
Current: 10A
Power Rating: 2400 Watt
Surge Current: 18,000A
Surge protection: MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
Clamping voltage: <275V
Energy Absorption: 575 Joules
Response time: <20ns
Filtration Protection: RFI/EMI