HD Video with 4-track audio

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Zoom Q8 video camera with 4-track audio is ‘almost’ a lot of things.

First of all, it IS a video camera, with 4-track audio recorder on board. Like other members in the upper-range of Zoom audio recorders, the included X/Y microphone module is detachable, and you can use optional capsules to further enhance (tailor) your recording requirements, including mono or stereo shotgun capsules, or a Mid-side capsule.

Of course, with the dual XLR/TRS combo connectors on the rear of the camera allowing 4-track recording, Q8 is beginning to look a lot like the highly popular H5 handy recorder. It’s close, but not quite. The included X/Y capusle with Q8 is not the same as H5 (you can add that later, if you wish!).

On the camera side of things, the actual vision component is ‘beyond standard’, offering 3M HD (2304 x 1296 pixels @ 30fps /24mbps) as well as two kinds of HD (24mbps and 16mbps for increased storage capability) at frame rates of up to 60 fps at 720p for capturing fast action video.

Is Q8 waterproof? No. Is it as small as the ‘adventure’ camera range? No.

Do you get superb bang-for-buck? Absolutely YES!

Check the 2 min clip on the video tab below, for a Zoom-produced overview of Q8

Q8 features:

  • Records directly to SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, up to 128GB
  • High-quality 160° wide-angle lens with selectable viewing angles (F2.0/16.6mm)
  • Uses a system of interchangeable microphone capsules that can be swapped out as easily as the lens of a camera
  • Supplied detachable stereo X/Y microphone (XYQ-8)
  • Compatible with most Zoom microphone capsules (sold separately); not compatible with EXH-6 TRS/XLR Combo Input Capsule
  • Full-color rotating LCD touchscreen
  • Support for five HD video modes, up to 2304 x 1296 pixels (3M HD), as well as two WVGA modes
  • Frame rates of up to 60fps for capturing fast action video and slow motion playback
  • 10 “Scene” options for use in different lighting environments, plus five steps of digital zoom
  • Self-timer
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Records video in MOV format (with or without audio)
  • Records audio in AAC and WAV formats, up to 24-bit/96k
  • Up to four tracks of simultaneous audio recording
  • Two mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors, each with selectable phantom power and -20dB pad
  • Analog-style gain controls for each input
  • Built-in audio mixer
  • Stereo link function
  • Auto-Gain control, plus built-in compressor and limiter
  • Supplied foam windscreen and low-cut filter for the elimination of low-frequency noise and rumble
  • Dedicated Headphone output/Line out
  • Built-in speaker for fast monitoring
  • HDMI video output for connection to HDTVs, selectable between NTSC and PAL
  • USB interface for live streaming and data transfer to and from computer editing softwaree
  • Webcam and USB mic function for use with external devices such as computers and iPads (Apple Camera Connection Kit required)
  • Direct monitoring for zero latency during use as a USB mic
  • Compatible with USTREAM Producer, Flash Live Media Encorder, Skype, and other popular streaming applications
  • SD card reader function
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery (chargeable via USB or optional AC adapter)
  • Battery life of more than 2 hours
  • Built-in standard tripod mount
  • Includes tripod-to-three-prong converter for compatibility with all action camera mounts