Australian Monitor

Australian Monitor QF8CS

8" Ceiling Speaker (Quick Fit)

Order Code: QF8CS
RRP: $76.00

QuickFit 8 ceiling speaker is a well-priced way of getting your sound around.

The easy-to-install 8" speaker that proves, less fuss means less cost. Selectable power tappings at 15w, 10w, 5w, 2.5w & 1.25w, dispersion of 100° and QF8 promises sensitivity of 92dB (1W/1m).

Colour: White

And the hype-up from Australian Monitor's website: "A sleek look and sensational sound provide the end client with a total audio experience, while the Quick Fit installation mechanism and sonic purity ensures the contractor/installer enjoys a successful installation"

A little OTT, but the speakers are good value nonetheless.

Photo of Australian Monitor QF8CS available from Factory Sound
  • Qf8
  • Qf8_rear


  • 8 inch dual cone driver
  • Quick fit grill assembly
  • 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 Watt taps at 100 Volt
  • 'Architect friendly' styling