Quest Engineering QM450A

Active 12″ Loudspeaker – Timber

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Out of all the speakers that make up the Q-Motion Series by Quest, these QM450A active speakers stick a great big tick in the ‘versatile’ column.

Powered with Quest’s HYBRIDtec amplifier, delivering 400w to the 12” woofer and 50w to the 1″ ferrite compression driver, QM450A cranks up to an impressive 129.5 dB max SPL.

QM450A is rugged. The chassis is made of the same heavy duty birch ply wood as their famed (and industry trusted) HPI systems. Finished with an extremely resilient black coating and fitted with a wrap-around heavy gauge protective steel grille, this speaker has been crafted to go the distance.

Now… back to versatile…

QM450A features a purpose-designed high frequency driver coupled to Quest’s custom designed asymmetrical wave-guide. The wave-guide can be rotated through four dispersion plains maximizing the QM450A’s application potential further.

This, coupled with some nifty cabinet design, allows QM450A to sit perfectly on the stage floor, operating as a high-performance foldback monitor. Of couse, you can ‘pole-mount’ for mobile front-of-house applications, or if you’re thinking something more permanent, there are three M8 threaded inserts for installation brackets (two on top, one on the bottom)

Flip around and check the backpanel: you get 1 x XLR input (line-level), 1 x XLR output link, indicators for ‘On, Signal, Clip and Peak’, plus a switch for 110Hz high pass – should you be using a subwoofer with a system that is lacking a crossover somewhere in the chain.

QM450A is designed and built in Melbourne, Australia