Royer R-121

High Velocity Ribbon Mic

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Our Price: $2,050.00

If you're happy with the sound being produced, grab it with an R-121. The recorded sound is 'natural and alive, with a panoramic, ambient feel much like what you heard when you were standing in front of the instruments you recorded'.

But don't just believe what Royer has written, come in and have a listen - it's well worthwhile. Use for most acoustic or amplified instruments and voice.

Two Mics In One
At distances of three feet and closer, the back of the R-121 records slightly brighter than the front (logo) side. This can be extremely useful when recording acoustic guitars, vocals, and other sound sources that you may need a slightly brighter response on.

Photo of Royer R-121 available from Factory Sound


  • High SPL Capabilities
  • No internal active electronics to overload or produce distortion up to maximum SPL rating
  • Extremely low residual noise
  • Ribbon element is not affected by heat or humidity
  • Absence of high frequency phase distortion
  • Equal sensitivity from front or back of element
  • Consistent frequency response regardless of distance