Presonus R80

Active 2-way 8″ Studio Monitor with Ribbon tweeter (Each)

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Although the star of Presonus R80 studio monitor is the fabulous ribbon tweeter, there are plenty of design points worked in to make this a great option for either home recording or commercial tasks – including video and post production.

Let’s flip R80 around to look at the back first. All the connectivity you need is there. Input via XLR or balanced 1/4″, or via unbalanced RCA if that’s all you have available as your source. Of course, there is a knob for input gain control, and then you have the ‘Acoustic Tuning‘ section of the rear panel.

There’s a 4-position Acoustic Space switch, to help to compensate for the boundary bass boost that occurs when the monitor is placed near a wall. The HF Driver level control helps to further deal with room anomalies. An onboard HP Filter makes it easy to integrate a subwoofer into your monitor setup.

Ok…let’s look at that ribbon. R80 features a custom 6.8-square-inch Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeter that responds to the subtlest waveforms and the highest frequencies. This allows you to hear the “air” and the greater sense of space that is characteristic of audiophile recordings.

An unfolded AMT tweeter diaphragm provides 8 to 13 times the projection area of a traditional 1-inch dome tweeter, enabling R80 monitors to provide a much wider stereo soundstage than traditional designs. At the same time, the R80 provides a very limited vertical dispersion, which helps to reduce reflections from the ceiling and desktop that can cause phase coherence issues.

Power: the 8″ woven Kevlar woofer is powered via internal 100W Class D, while the AMT (tweeter) gets tickled by 50W of Class D amplification.

Oh, and if the blue faceplate doesn’t quite fit your studio feng shui, you also get a black faceplate in the box. Come in and have a listen to the Presonus studio monitor range in our South Melbourne showroom.

R80 features:

  • 2-way active AMT design provides articulate high-frequency response and wide stereo imaging
  • Custom-designed, 6.8-inch, AMT ribbon tweeter responds to the subtlest waveforms and the highest frequencies
  • 8-inch Kevlar® LF drivers provide transparent mid- and low-frequency reproduction for clean sound and punchy bass
  • Balanced XLR and ¼-inch TRS plus unbalanced RCA inputs provide flexibility for seamless integration into any environment

R80 User controls:

  • Acoustic Space settings (Linear, -1.5 dB, -3 dB, -6 dB) compensate for room placement

R80 amplification and protection:

  • Biamped 150W RMS (LF = 100W, HF = 50W), Class D power amplifier with switching power supply
  • RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn-on/off transient, and subsonic filter protection
  • Energy Conservation Mode (with enable/disable) lowers standby power to <0.5W
  • External mains fuse
  • Internal power supply with IEC connector