Enttec RDS4

4-way isolated DMX splitter

Order Code: 70037
Our Price: $490.00

Like the larger RDS8, this 4-way splitter is DMX/RDM compatible. It allows users to build an RDM (E1.20-2006) compliant network DMX.

Many existing DMX splitters will not allow RDM enabled devices to function properly, the RDS4 now solves this problem while allowing your RDM devices to talk back to a controller.

Truss mountable for professional networked systems.

Extend your network and protect your equipment.

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  • 1 DMX input and 4 DMX outputs. Normal mode: splitter actively repeats RDM traffic bidirectionally while level information goes from controller to DMX devices as usual
  • Filter Mode: Single button-press allows all RDM traffic to be filtered out, for legacy devices which might flicker if they saw the messages on the line
  • Backup Mode: Another button bypasses intelligent RDM functionality completely to work as a traditional DMX splitter would
  • Fully compliant with ESTA and USITT standards for DMX512A with RDM and RDM Standard ANSI E1.20 - 2006
  • Internal autoranging power supply