Broadcast, Recording & Live: Dynamic Cardioid with ‘dual personality’ switch

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One of the more recent microphones released by EV, this beauty looks set to be a staple for many mic cupboards and kits from here on. Not only does it look remarkably similar to the famous RE20, you’ll find a heaps of similarities under the bonnet too. In fact, let’s just highlight the differences:

1 – It’s Black, for stealth
2 – Neodymium magnet creates higher output with faster transient response and greater high-frequency detail.
3 – No HPF switch
4 – Includes ‘dual personality’ switch

Dual Personalilty
RE320 is a serious all-rounder. And like its older, higher priced cousin, is very well suited to the broadcast voice, and is definitely a great choice for instrument recording – guitar amps, horns, percussion will sound great. And for those who have used RE20 for kick drum, you’ll be happy to know that RE320 will be a great alternative. A switch between ‘flat’ (for voice) and ‘kick’ (with dips and peaks in all the right places)

Case Material Metal
Connector Type 3-pin XLR
Diameter (Max) 49.2 mm
Element Dynamic N/Dym Magnet Structure
Finish Semi gloss black
Frequency Response 30 – 18,000 Hz (kickcurve), 45 – 18,000 Hz (generic curve)
Impedance, Low-Z balanced 150 Ω
Mic Type Instrument/Vocal
Open Circuit Voltage 2.5 mV/Pascal
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Power Requirement None
Height 216.7 mm
Weight Net 681 g