Black Ristretto Lavalier Windjammer – Single

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Ristretto Windjammer – Black (Single)

Suited to a variety of minature lavalier microphones, Ristretto Windjammer is used in the outdoor environment, to negate the effect of wind.

For those who’ve been ‘in the game’ for a while, you may know that Rycote has manufactured a popular Lavalier Windjammer for many years (and are continuing to do so), but in recognition of the fact that most broadcasters today prefer their microphones to remain as unobtrusive as possible, the more discreet Ristretto Windjammer is now available.

The fur on the Ristretto is considerably shorter than that on Rycote’s existing Lavalier Windjammer.

Ristretto is secured to its microphone by a foam connector – which now includes a rubber ring for better grip and retention

Suitable for use in windy outdoor interview conditions, the Lavalier Windjammer Range greatly reduces microphone noise and clothes rustle, while also providing up to 15dB wind- noise attenuation.

Of course, the staff at Factory Sound are interested in Ristretto mainly because the picture looks like boxing promoter Don King’s hairstyle – nevertheless, like all Rycote products, its performance is excellent.

Ristretto features:

  • High-level protection against wind noise for lavalier mics in the open air
  • Reduces lavalier microphone noise and clothes rustle

Since 1969, Rycote has been conceiving and producing industry-standard microphone accessories for broadcast and studio purposes. Whether it’s for a Windjammer, Softie, Blimp, Fluffy, Windshield – the first name on discerning users minds is Rycote.

Other solutions for lavalier microphones include – foam windshields, overcovers, undercovers and ristretto windjammers.

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