ONEstage RJ4PS

Silver ‘D’ size Ethercon™ connector to 4x ‘phoenix’ style plugs

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ONEstage RJ4P is the first and only product in its class offering Ethercon™ break in/out without the added expense of an enclosure.

This alone puts the RJ4P a step above the rest, allowing rack builders and installers an unmatched level of flexibility when fitting-off their racks and cabling systems.

Like the LYNX, audio visual integrators, audio production houses, lighting equipment suppliers, touring bands and rack builders will benefit from the RJ4P.

It adapts Neutriks™ popular Ethercon™ connector to 4x ‘phoenix’ style plugs allowing balanced differential signals to be carried down a twisted pair in a common place shielded Category 5E cable. The ‘Phoenix style’ plugs have terminals labelled ‘shield, +, -‘ allowing easy cable termination. The shield in the cable is shared across all 4 channels, however ground lift is available per channel via a ‘4-pole single-throw’ dip switch.

RJ4P-S – Silver ‘D’ sized hole for general purpose mounting in common racks.

RJ4P-S features:

  • High Quality Neutrik™ NE8FDV Ethercon™ connector.
  • Standard ‘D’ size hole for maximum compatibility with existing equipment.
  • Available in Black or Silver.
  • Ground lift per channel via 4 pole dip-switch.
  • Small form factor PCB Modular build facilitates easy modification and service.
  • Rugged ‘Phoenix Style’ 3 positions plug Solder-less termination.
  • 2x Black, Neutrik™ ‘A-Screw’ included.
  • Assembled by hand in Melbourne Australia.


  • Requires shielded Category 5E cable or greater.
  • Not Suitable for PoE or T-Base applications.
  • We recommend using hot glue to ensure connectors stay in place in high vibration environments.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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