Shure RK183T1

Tie clip to suit Shure lavalier microphones (2 pack)

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Shure RK183T1 is a tie clip to suit a variety of lavalier microphones.

The adjustable wire helps with easy positioning, ensuring your lapel mic is housed securely.

It works perfectly as a spare lavalier clip for Shure wireless microphones, including the omnidirectional WL93, along with the MicroFlex series of wireless lapel mics: WL183 omni, WL184 supercardioid and WL185 cardioid.

Of course, since the capsules are the same size, RK183T1 also works perfectly for the hard-wired variants, being MX183, MX184 and MX185.

RK183T1 holds a single lavalier microphone, and comes as a pack of two (2).

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