Shure RK412WS

Snap-fit windscreen for MX412, MX418 (4-pack)

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Shure RK412WS is a pack of 4 snap-on foam windscreens to suit MX412 and MSX418 lectern microphones.

For schools, lecture theatres, houses of worship and audiovisual techs, RK412WS is a handy addition to your microphone cupboard.

Heavy, frequent use, and ‘close-talkers’ that may generate a little too much moisture in their breath are reasons why your original windscreen may degrade. Of course, it’s better that your foam ‘goes’ before the microphone capsule does, so always keep a spare handy!

As an added bonus, each of these snap-on foam windscreens provide up to -30dB of ‘pop’ protection, to help avoid the ‘plosives’ generated by a presenter.

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