Class A Discrete Tube mic and instrument preamplifier

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Robbie is a strange-looking mic preamp, that won’t ever want to bolt into your studio rack – but that’s not what it’s been imagined for.

Designed to sit on your desktop, Robbie has been made to bring out the best out the best of whatever signal you’re putting in there – whether it’s a vocal take on your favourite mic, some percussion duties for ‘that chorus that needs a lift’, or sticking a bass guitar straight into the front input.

Let’s dig in… featuring audiophile-grade components and an IC-free signal path, Robbie the Mic Pre delivers superior accuracy and transparency every time. With 34dB of headroom before clipping, Robbie will add depth and dimensionality to your recordings.


Robbie puts an end to the “tube vs. solid-state” debate by combining the best aspects of each. The fully discrete ECC88 twin triode tube input and gain stage deliver warm, rich and detailed tone, while the electronically balanced solid-state output ensures pristine sound with unmatched clarity.


From the audiophile-grade ultra low noise metal film resistors and polystyrene capacitors, to the highest-quality discrete components for input and output, Robbie ensures unmatched performance. And with no IC’s in the signal path, you’ll never compromise your tones.

Built for your DAW and your workflow, Robbie is a perfect companion for any home studio. Regardless of when you choose to upgrade your audio interface, Robbie will still be there ready to help capture the next moment of magic.

Robbie Mic Pre features:

  • Fully discrete Class-A signal path – completely balanced from input to output
  • Solid-state transformerless input stage coupled with twin triode (ECC88) vacuum tube gain stage
  • Ultra-low noise (-131 dB), maximum detail and exceptionally musical harmonic saturation
  • Amazing 34 dB head room before clipping
  • Front panel instrument DI for enhancing bass, electric guitar, synth or drum machine