Integrated Podcast Production Console with APHEX on board

Our Price: $829.00

Rodecaster PRO is a fully integrated podcast production studio with APHEX on board.

Well, that's the short version... Let's dig deeper as quickly as we can, because this is an impressive offering from RODE.

Input Connections - 4 XLR microphone preamps work for either dynamic or condenser style microphones. As audio geeks, when we listen to podcasts recorded in a 'bad' room, it's always a little 'cringey' to hear how well a condenser microphone picks up the room sound, which is why we love dynamic, end-address mics for podcasting.

4 headphone outputs, each with its own volume level. A switchable headphone limiter ensures no deafening spikes. Left and right TRS speaker outputs provide quality playback listening, or can feed a PA for an audience if podcasting live.

"You're on the air, caller" - connect your phone to the RØDECaster Pro via Bluetooth or with a TRRS cable. RØDECaster Pro automatically provides a mix-minus to prevent echo, allowing you to concentrate on making a great podcast, without needing to set up complex signal routing or cables.

What does this button do? - the 8 sound pads are super-handy for instant triggering of effects, music, jingles, applause and ads. Record audio direct to the pads from any of the audio inputs, or drag and drop files from your computer using the supplied software. For visual nerds, select the colour you want for the pad illumination.

APHEX on board - despite the nice colours and slick appearance, Rodecaster PRO is definitely not a toy. Record straight to microSD card, or to your DAW via USB. The included APHEX processing gives some serious 'oomph' to your sound, with super-simple 'single touch' set up.

See our first impressions blog post here:

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Intuitive Presets and User Experience

RØDECaster Pro touchscreen controls are simple to navigate and use, with clever presets for the type of microphone you are using, the kind of voice you have (deep, medium or high / soft medium or strong) and whether you want to use the inbuilt smart effects to give your voice and those of your guests a tailored, rich delivery.

These include:

  • APHEX® Big Bottom™ and Aural Exciter™ – instant professional tone, depth and warmth
  • Compression and noise-gate, to add depth, tone and consistency
  • High-pass filter, to eliminate low-end rumble
  • De-esser, to lessen sibilance on "s" words
  • Ducking, a feature used in professional broadcast stations where the volume of the host-channel (channel one) will automatically override the volume of the other channels. Perfect for keeping rowdy guests on topic..
  • Auto setup, to set the level of you and your guests

RodeCaster PRO features, at a glance:

  • 4 x XLR microphone inputs
  • 8 programmable sound pads for jingles and FX
  • Instant mix-minus for phone or app calls
  • TRRS cable, USB and Bluetooth™ connectivity
  • APHEX® processing and Class A circuitry for professional voice warmth and tone
  • Record easily onto a microSD card or your preferred computer software